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Amphibian Design :
  Design for All Environments

Design your message and craft your story with Amphibian Design. Creative digital, web, video, marketing, social, and print design.

Amphibian Design: Design for All Environments. Design that communicates with everyone everywhere.

Amphibian Design : Beautiful design and communication by Sarah Haisley.
Hi, I’m Sarah, and I wear the hats of creative director, art director, project manager, artist, designer, and more. Amphibian Design represents my years of experience designing and directing digital and print projects with a clean and modern aesthetic for large and small commercial, educational and nonprofit clients. For more than two decades, I have worked with a wide array of clients such as 2030STEM, Adidas, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Bethel Land Trust, Finn Partners, McGraw-Hill Publishing, Million Girls Moonshot, STEM Next, Wolters Kluwer Publishing, and more. I pride myself on outside-of-the-box thinking while maintaining a down-to-earth approach to my work.
Amphibian Design is my studio and sandbox, and this online portfolio showcases a representative sample of projects. Through an iterative process of discovery, mockup, design and refinement, the final product is a tool to communicate effectively and beautifully with the audience as a whole and each user individually. I’ve managed the creative process from concept through completion, while partnering with clients to realize (and often expand) their vision, all while staying on or under budget. Design specialties are: social media graphics, email campaigns, website or microsite design and redesign, marketing videos, product walk-through videos, annual reports, signage, logos, infographics and more.


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