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Bethel Land Trust:

Design of educational signage for hiking paths through local preserves by Amphibian Design


Client: Bethel Land Trust

Designed: Educational Signs

Purpose: Educational, Informational

Design of permanent educational signage for Bethel Land Trust, illustrating and describing the ecosystem, conservation, and local flora and fauna along hiking trails in the local preserves which are overseen and protected by the Bethel Land Trust. Two of the signs were beautifully produced by volunteer intern Ben Haisley, and copy proofreading by volunteer intern Nate Haisley. Sign concept, copy and funding by Don and Roberta Warfield, of the Bethel Land Trust. Work by Amphibian Design encompassed project management, design, layout, photo research and retouching, production and prep for delivery. These signs are printed on thick metal plates to withstand weather and wear, and communication with the printer was an important part of the process. Design iterations include client approvals through design mockups, refinement, revisions and delivery.

Skills: project management including illustrator and printer, design, layout, photo research and retouching, proofing, production and prep for delivery.

Shown below: sample of signs.